Does Coding Skill Pivotal For Network Engineer?


How to successfully survive in IT industry as network engineer? How will you level up your career to enhance your life quality? Without underestimating your knowledge in designing computer network and so forth, as IT professionals, you can read more from in case you yearn for further information about IT-related stuffs, adding more skill as part of your qualification it affects your career significantly. IT industry is not for those who can’t keep up with its fast pace. And yes, it easily changes alongside latest technology that is invented.

Probably, you are already familiar with Software Defined Networking (SDN). This brand new technology is meant for easiness, not to mention the application will lead to better performance for computer networking. As the result, many organizations will determine the usage of SDN into their system to enhance their organization productivity as it can reduce any possible problem that occurs in the future. This fact, however, gives problem for network engineers. Indeed, it is not directly, still if they are ignored this matter it somehow can affect their career as network engineer.

Aside from their knowledge to design, choose proper element, set the network and so on, they need to know about coding. How pivotal is it? Despite it’s not something like a must-have skill, update your qualification with coding skill, seriously, it adds many benefits as IT professional. Now, asking how to equip yourself with that brand new skill, CCDE, CCIE, and CCNA (routing and switching certification) are worth considering. Furthermore, the authorities who are responsible for this matter, they renew each aspect of the certification to meet the industry needs. Speak of certification, before you take the examination in haste, bear in mind that the examination is not easy, more th ecost is pricey, therefore preparation is necessary.